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Microdermabrasion gently removes dead skin cells while at the same time stimulating new cell growth. The skin looks younger and fresher. The texture of the skin appears instantly smoother, blackheads removed and overall the skin looks clean and healthy – a great cut and polish for that special occasion.

This is a great stand alone treatment or as a course of treatments. Fantastic when preparing the skin for additional professional skin treatments that treat skin conditions.

A revolutionary treatment with medical grade diamond head is passed over the skin under selective pressure and the skin is vacuumed at a fraction of a second. This leads to removal of the superficial skin layer, without damaging the integrity of the skin. When treatment is repeated multiple times, this allows the younger, softer skin to move to the surface and literally erases and softens the skin.

Fantastic treatments for between seasons to clean the skin so your serums and products can be easily absorbed by the skin. Also a great treatment for blackheads.

Single treatment from $110
Course of 6 treatments  from $550
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